Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball...

This picture was taken at my company's office Christmas party about 4 years ago.  I thought it a fitting image for this post on those out-of-the-blue curve balls that life throws us every now and then.

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball - Laid Off - The Colorful Ones
Tony and I at an office Christmas party about 4 years ago.

I've loved this job.  It has been the center of my identity for my entire adult life.  Almost 9 years ago, I graduated college on a Sunday and started this job bright and early the next morning.  I've learned and grown so much in that time it's difficult to describe in words.  I've met some amazing people and I've made a lot of memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my beloved position was eliminated just before Christmas.  I hold no hard feelings - actually I think after almost a decade of ups and downs I was almost ready for a change.

But the news still came as quite a shock.  And on the same day I lost my job, my husband's company announced that they were losing their health insurance coverage.

Since then we've celebrated Christmas and packed and moved our family (the move was planned before the job loss).  I've spent countless hours tweaking my resume and applying for new jobs.  I actually spent a millisecond considering the idea of becoming a stay at home mom, but God didn't create me for that type of work!

I've had a handful of successful interviews and our family is praying that regardless of where I end up, God will guide our path - and we trust that He will provide as He always has in the past.  But man, job searching is an exhausting occupation!

Amidst the curveball news, I also wanted to share an update on my big 31 in 31 project.  I am still going strong and I'm excited to see where the rest of the coming year takes me.

#6. Connect on a deeper level with each one of "my girls" at church.
Again, this one isn't really "complete" - but in progress!  I have 3 teenaged girls that I've been getting to know and investing in over the last year.  My relationship with one (miss Squid) has really flourished, and I am excited to say that we're beginning a formal apprenticeship program this month!  I am SO excited to see where God will take us, and her, as we serve Him side by side!

#19. Leave a $100 tip for a deserving waitress.
This is an amazing blessing that wouldn't have been possible without our church's Big Give initiative.  In one weekend the church handed out $50,000 to church members, with the hopes that families would match their gifts and give it all away.  After Tony and I matched our gifts, and some sacrificial giving and creative fundraising on our daughter's part, we wound up with $465 to give away!  Among other things, we went for a family breakfast at IHOP the morning before Christmas Eve.  After a frenzied meal service, our daughter handed the waitress the $100 tip - it was an amazing and powerful experience!

#30. Purchase a piece of furniture that we love and need.
Tony's parents gave us a new couch and love seat about 10 years ago.  After 6 moves and years of abuse, the surviving love seat (somewhere along the way we gave the couch to my sister) was ready to be replaced.  When we moved into our new apartment we purchased two new recliners for Tony and I (and we are LOVING them!) as well as this awesome Batgirl recliner for Brianna (shh… it's a surprise, UPS is supposed to deliver it tomorrow).

Do you have any resolutions, or a bucket list you're working on this year?  What do you hope to accomplish?

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  1. That batgirl recliner is gonna blow her socks off. You all are the best parents. And she will see how you handle this time of transition and learn that change is not bad. Awesome.